Sunday, January 10, 2010

Front Lines

I think everyone has a thing about being single that is most difficult for them. For some it is not having a child, for others it's not having someone home who "gets" them. For me, it's having to be on the front lines.
When I was a girl, my mom stayed home and cleaned the home, baked cookies, was involved in my schooling, continued her education, raised us kiddos, etc. She was the cook. My dad was the soldier. He went out day after day and fought the battles of the world. My childhood was no fairytale, but I appreciate the roles my parents had. Both the cook and soldier are important in a battle. An army cannot move on an empty stomach and a cook needs someone to fight the battle. But the cook is protected. I want to be the cook. I want to be the one who creates a temple-like home so that my soldier can come home and feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and safe. I know this is idealistic and that many married couples don't have this luxury, but it's the thing I am dealing with. This is a but if not moment. I will be loved, protected, and cared for and serve my husband by having a spirit-filled home...but if not, I will continue to fight my battles in faith and find ways to be refortified. The Lord will surround me with loved ones and provide spiritual opportunities for me to learn and grow.

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