Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Lot To Learn

While speaking with a guy friend of mine, he talked about how hard it is being a single male in the church. To be honest, I have never been really sympathetic to single men in the church. As women, we often feel powerless in dating situations with men being the ones that culturally initiate and set the tone of a dating relationship. So if a man is single, I have always assumed he wasn't dating enough, etc. (I know, I am not always the kindest person in the world.) But my friend talked about his frustrations and efforts and it re-opened my eyes to the fact that there are good men with good hearts that are struggling too. All in all, I guess I still have a lot to learn...

Utah Reminds...

You know, one of the things I love about not living in Utah is that I don't constantly have reminders that I am single.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Choosing Career Over Marriage???

Okay, so a few years while I was in graduate school, a good friend of mine accused me of choosing a career over marriage. I was so offended that such a good friend, one who knows my heart, would say such a thing!

Prayer...The Lord Knows Us and Our Needs Before We Even Do


One of the benefits of single life is that I have more flexibility. This week was a week of service for me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Front Lines

I think everyone has a thing about being single that is most difficult for them. For some it is not having a child, for others it's not having someone home who "gets" them. For me, it's having to be on the front lines.

You Gotta Have Friends...

...and family! So I talked to my bishop about what I can do to make moving into a family ward a bit easier and he asked me about my friendships.

Step One...

Today I tried the new ward. I gotta say, it was nice walking into church and being able to focus on the lesson and not wondering if I looked alright or feeling stupid about something I said to the guy that opened the door for me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Welcome to my new blog! I am excited and a little intimidated to take on this project but I thought it would be helpful for me and maybe a little interesting for you. You see, I am an LDS lady with a good job and a fulfilling life. I have the opportunity to be of service to my parents, siblings, and ward. I am, however, single and turning 31 this year. To those of you who know, that means my time in the single's ward is over. While, to some extent, I am ready for this change, it is still a challenge. I haven't seen many people make this transition successfully yet. Some people go inactive; some people make quick, seemingly unfortunate marriage decisions...I am trying something different. And I hope it works. It's not about being bitter or angry, but rather about how to navigate these new, uncharted waters. I am not the first to be experiencing something I didn't expect so feel free to comment and help me learn from your experiences, related to single-ness or not. After all, President Hinckley would remind me that we are all more similar than not. "We will receive a perfect companion and righteous and obedient children, but if not,...we will have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ..."