Thursday, October 6, 2011


The other day I couldn't help but remember blessings that have been streaming into my life so I thought I would list a few:

- Family that is close in proximity and relationship
- Health
- Health of family
- Air conditioned car and home (this was especially true this summer)
- Car that runs and won't leave me stranded in the ghetto
- Job that doesn't require me to travel to the ghetto anymore
- Job where I can help people
- The Gospel (this encompasses a lot and what I am feeling most grateful for)
- Friends who understand my point of view
- Live in America, land of freedom
- Being a woman at this time with all the rights that accompany this time in the world
- Being a woman period.
- The freedom to have a blog and voice my opinions
- Pets. I love small creatures and appreciate having them around.
- My education. My time at BYU helped me solidify my testimony and opened doors. Earning my master's degree in psychology helped me develop emotionally and put me in a position where I can help others.
- The ability to involved politically in my community.
- Technology

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